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Monday, 27 July 2015

Weekend Update, Monday 26 July

Cor! What a whirlwind couple of days!
On Friday, after Mum and I got totally saturated in the leakysky stuff (not once, not twice but THREE times!), I had to share my bedroom! That's because our third trip out in the soggies was to meet Debbi and Ryan. They came to stay! Yayy! We were all very soggy again when we got back to the boat, so Mum attacked me with the towel!
On Saturday, Daddy came back again and we all went to find the car (he says it is called a higher car - I thought it was no higher than any other car!). In the front seat of the car was a big surprise for Mum (and me!). A big surprise in the form of a little person - Granny!
We all went off in the car to a place called Reading. There, Dad disappeared off and came back with a wheelieseat for Granny. Then we all set off into town and found LOOOOAADDDSSS of Guide Dogs and Puppies and GuideDogs humans too! It was a great day of kanoodling! Apparently all the shiny disks and floppy rectangles that were being put into buckets are all going to be added to our fundraising total, so I had to do my best to be appealling! That, of course, meant lots of fusses and admiration, but the kanoodling was the best bit! Right at the end though, there was another super good bit: Rosie arrived with Pilot! My bestest pal!
After all of that, we went back to the boat so I could have my dinner (a most essential mission!) before going off to a human yummies place. Poor Pilot had to stay on the boat on his own, but I think he made good use of my bed. That shows one big advantage of being a Guide Dog: I go EVERYWHERE with Mum! I NEVER get left on my own!
Once all the noshing was finished, it was back into the car and back to the boat. We said goodbyes to Granny (with a few leaky eyes around!). Dad took Granny back home to Bournemouth, while I looked after Mum and took her, with Debbi, Ryan and Rosie - plus Pilot (of course!) for a fabulous freerun in the park! Pilot and I had a wonderful time running around and playing tug with various sticks and other things we found. Debbi, Ryan and Rosie did some strange things on a long dangly thing that they sat on and it went whizzing off along a wire! Humans! So peculiar!
When we got back, all the beds were assembled in the boat (the table goes down to make one bed and the sofa unfolds to make another). That meant that Pilot and I had to share the sofabed with Rosie! Yippeeee! We all snuggled down for cuddles for quite some time before Dad came home again. It was a lovely snuggly time. I got most of the bed! Heehee! Mum and Rosie were nicely squished into the corner and Pilot was on top of them for a while before he moved down to the bottom end. Mum says I was snoring! I don't know what she means! I would never do such a thing! How very undignified!
This morning, none of us woke up until megalate! Even my tummy didn't rumble me awake until Rosie says the numbers on the tickydisk said 10.30. I think we must have been a tad tired!
Photo shows me on 'My bed' - making sure I had my fair share of room. I am stretched out full spread with Rosie squished in the corner and Pilot on the bottom end.

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