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Monday, 6 July 2015

Day 3 - Monday 6 July

Only a littlish walk today and no locks. Mum says this is because we ended up going further than planned yesterday, including doing the one lock that was scheduled for today. This was all because we couldn't find the mooring that somebody called CaRT had said they would reserve for us. Dad says that it seems that somebody else pinched it! That meant we had to moor alongside another boat (something called 'breasting up') and going to and fro across their deck to get ashore. It was OK though. Not a problem. I almost got to nip inside their boat to explore, but Mum was too quick! Huff! 

So, today, we have just walked along the towpath about 3 miles, bringing our total so far to 13 miles and 6 locks. The sky was a bit leaky today so there weren't many people around to stop and admire me. This meant that we reached today's destination quite quickly, but it also meant that we didn't get many shiny disks or flappy rectangles.

Mum has been on her talkybone quite a lot though and it sounds like we are heading towards some exciting stuff.

One bit of excitement today was when I spotted a hissing furball ahead on the towpath. I almost managed to pull Mum onto the moored boat that it ran to. Only almost though! Maybe next time......

Here is a couple of photos from today.

One of Mum and me in action, walking along the towpath. Mum is wearing her black and yellow Guide Dogs fur substitute top, her dark eyecovers and a hat that has a sticky-out flat front.

Mum and me with the nice man at Hilperton ABC Boathire, who have given us a nice mooring for tonight. There are lots of boats in a big pond here. Mum says it is called a marina. There are also lots of quacking featherballs around. I would love to play but they seem to be scared of me!

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