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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Day 10 - Monday 13 July

3.5 miles, 1 lock, 0 swingbridges to Wootton Rivers
Total so far 36 miles. 43 locks. 12 swingbridges
Quite an easy day today in terms of distance and locks, but the towpath has been a bit of a challenge in places. Some bits were good for Mum's paws - fairly even crunchy stuff on a reasonably wide path), but again, quite a lot was rough and narrow so we had to do lots of 'Go ahead' stuff. The sky was leaky again too, so some bits were slippy for Mum. I did guide her carefully around the muddy puddles though. I do try to be a gentleman! (or, more accurately, a gentledog!)
Today's walk ended at the one lock for the day and it was a wonderful ending: a superb playtime (Mum did remove my bra and lead first so I was off duty) with an 8-month-old girlie puppy Airedale called Reno. We were a good match for each other and had a fab game of chase with a bit of boxing too! Lovely fun!
Mum says I am a poo factory today - something to do with having eaten far more than I should have done yesterday! I don't know what she means! There is no such thing as eating too much......

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