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Monday, 27 July 2015

Black Fur and Sugar Flowers

A somewhat more sedate day today. Dad left us this morning to go back to Bournemouth again. So I had to look after Mum and Debbi. (Ryan had to leave yesterday later afternoon, then Rosie left a while afterwards, taking my pal Pilot with her.)
This morning, I took Mum and Debbi into town and they did loads of that wandering-around-looking-at-things-in-the-shops stuff. They bought a few things too. I just did my duty, keeping Mum from bumping into things and guiding her to kerbs and crossings etc. I really don't understand this human behaviour of shopping. They don't even sniff things! They just look at them and occasionally pick them up and put them back down again! Most odd! Never mind, I do get to enjoy the attentions of some admirers while Mum does this weird stuff.
Back on the boat this afternoon, and after human lunch and my carrot, Debbi went zzzzzz so I snuck out again with Mum to go to Tesco's to get something she needed for dinner. I tried to steer her to the carrots but she said we don't need any more! Well, I strongly dispute that! We always need lots of carrots! She just got a round white thing with green outsides. She says I can't have any because it will make me parp! Huff!
After we had all had our respective dinners, I took Debbi and Mum for a nice long walk along the towpath, through some backstreets, into town, then around Victoria Park, before returning along the towpath again. I have then spent the evening snuggling with Mum whilst she and Debbi have been playing with some squishy stuff they call sugar paste. They said something about making flowers for a wedding cake. I have no idea what that means, but it seems that Debbi didn't appreciate my contribution: a few generously donated black hairs! Huff! I think my fur adds a beautiful extra touch to anything!

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