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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Day 8 - Saturday 11 July

5 miles, 0 locks and 2 swingbridges
Total so far 27 miles. 42 locks. 12 swingbridges
Today's hike completed. A fairly easy day for me; just a steady wander along the towpath with no waiting around for locks today. It hasn't been so easy for Mum though. She finds the rugged towpath surface quite a challenge to walk on. This, of course, is further proof that four paws beats two paws! A lot of the route today has been through very narrow stretches with lots of beasty bushes either side, so we have had lots of practice at our adapted technique of 'Go Ahead' working. I have posted two short videos demonstrating this.
We are now moored in a place Mum says is called All Cannings. It seems to be in the middle of nowhere - all we can hear is dozens of different featherballs twittering away all around us. Nice an peaceful for a good snooze to dream away of the day's working!

Well! I may as well be comfy while I watch all the action at the sanitary station!

Photo of me sitting on steps - bum on top step with paws nonchalantly out sideways, front paws on next step down - in full harness, watching the world go by.
Me and my girlfriend, Molly!

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