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Thursday, 23 July 2015


Errrmmmm.......well......I made Mum laugh........but her face went very pink at the same time........and.....errrr.....I'm not too sure she was entirely impressed! Actually, I made lots of people smile, laugh, giggle, point and comment. All I did was a bit of street cleaning!

Mum harnessed me up and we set off into a bit of town we've never visited before. She had been given directions to something called The Bank, so I did my bit; steering her around obstacles, finding crossings etc, and Mum tried to remember the directions to give me the right commands - 'find left', 'find the crossing' etc etc. this worked well, we got into the right bit of town. We walked up and down the same bit of street three times - past this Bank building, before Mum realised it was there, right beside us! It is a huge building! But she apparently couldn't find it! She muttered something about 'can't see the wood for the trees'. There were no trees! I think the heat was getting to her!!!

Anyway, we did the Bank thing and came back out, then wandered around the market. Mum bought some things from a stall that had carrots in it. She didn't get carrots though! Huff!

Then came the bit that made Mum go pink: We were wandering around, me doing my job and Mum doing her best to look around at the town while I took care of her. There were a few very important smells that I simply had to investigate on lampposts and corners etc, but Mum got a bit miffed with me for doing that, telling me 'No! Do your job!' Well, I WAS doing my job! I just included an extra duty on my job description! Huff! Anyway, I kind of gave up that role after a bit as Mum was being mean about it. However, there was one bit of street cleaning that I simply had to do so I did it very swiftly and deftly! Afterwards, people started pointing at me, smiling, giggling and gasping! Mum was becoming aware of this but just thought it was the usual oohs and aahs that we often get as we work together. Then a lady stopped us and said to Mum that she thought it was really cute to see a professional working dog doing his duty but carrying a toy! That made Mum look at me, because she knows that I don't generally carry a toy!
And so she rumbled me! My street cleaning supremacy was dashed. It seems that my 'toy' that I had so nimbly lifted from the ground, such that Mum barely detected that I had dipped my head, was actually something called a pigeon!

Of course, I had to 'drop it' - with some extra persuasion by way of Mum's paw-pointers clamped firmly around my muzzle! Harrrruuummmppphh!

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