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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Day 12 - Wednesday 15 July

1.5 miles, 4 locks, 0 swingbridges to Great Bedwyn - Bruce Trust moorings (with kind permission)
Total so far 44.5 miles. 57 locks. 12 swingbridges
A very easy day today. Only a short walk with just 4 locks. Those locks were reeeeeaaalllly slow though. We had to wait aaaaages for them to fill and empty again. The walking was good though and I got to meet a couple of doggy pals. Two of them have been rescued from nasty humans and are now with loving humans. I like these loving humans. Max was the first one - a Belgian Shepherd crossed with a nobody-knows-what. He had been found by his human man all neglected and starved and sad. Max is now really fit and healthy and is totally devoted to his human dad. He never has to wear a collar or lead because he always does exactly as he is told. Just like me! Ahem......moving on.....
The second one was Basil - a Rottie x Staffie who was rescued from nasty people who wanted him to fight. He too was in a bad way but is now strong and healthy and very very happy.
I tried to play with Max's ball but he wasn't keen and Mum told me off because I was on harness. Huff! Basil is apparently very nervous of other dogs but he and I got on well and had a good sniff.
This evening, a German Shepherd puppy (1 year old) came for a walk beside our boat. He tried to jump up on the roof! I got to have a brief play with him. Mum said he was absolutely gorgeous. She said she has a serious soft spot for GSDs......excuse me? Ahem! Loyalty! Please......surely you have to have an even bigger soft spot for THE best dog in the world........
Ooohhhh - yeah......that belly rub and ear scratch makes me forgive you......keep going.....don't stop........
Mum yacketyyacking with two men on the towpath. They are wearing strange collars and have some very noisy toys that they had been using to chop all the green stuff down! I just watched the quacking featherballs!

Me sitting on the towpath by Mum. Basil the Rottie x Staffie standing by his Dad

A sneaky playtime with Monty the Border Collie before we set off this morning.
Mum is waiting to put my bra on me!

Towpath snooze.
Me zonked out lying on my side on the gravel towpath.

Photo taken looking down the length of our boat roof, showing all the flappy triangles hanging along the length. Boat is heading into a lock. Mum is standing yacketying to a man while I lie down by her paws

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