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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Day 16 - Sunday 19 July

Not a lot to report today.

It has been another strange day with Dad missing. Mum has been talkyboning a lot and I get the impression she is a bit sad, so I am sticking close by for when she needs my loving.

I took her for a bit if a walk by the river this morning and, when we came back, we could hear human howling from nearby. We wandered over to investigate and discovered a church service going on in the park, so we joined in. Well, Mum did. I had a lie down and watched the world go by.

After a brief time back on the boat, we set off along tge towpath and up through the shoppystreet to a pub. We had yo do some meeting and greeting there as there was a Guide Dogs fundraising thing going on. Two minihumans looked after us, showed us round and got Mum some orange water and a yummy. It smelled seriously yummy too. It made my mouth drip! Mum said it was a hog roast. We didn't stay very long because Mum needed to do more talkyboning.

On the way back, I took Mum into Tesco's for a couple of bits, then back to the boat. Apart from a wander around the park thus evening, we have had a quiet time. I'm not complaining though. It has been really hot and I think I am still a bit pooped after yesterday!

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