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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Day 5 - Wednesday 8 July

3 miles, 5 locks and 3 swingbridges

Total so far 20 miles. 13 locks. 10 swingbridges

The air was fufffing at us a lot today and the sky leaked all over us! It was OK though; the fireball appeared later to dry us and warm us up. Even better than that, I got to kanoodle with a girlfriend! Molly, the Staffie x Jack Russell was at the last lock with her human man Maffi. I like Maffi but I REALLY like Molly. She smelt extra delectable today because she had found some lovely fox poo to roll in!

After working that lock, Mum and I set off to walk to do the first swingbridge. It was then that I noticed that Molly and Maffi weren't coming with us. When Dad caught up with us on the boat and went through the open swingbridge, I discovered why: Maffi and Molly were on the boat! Flippin cheek! Heehee!

We carried on walking and doing the last couple of swingbridges (Maffi and Molly helped with the last one), then we found our mooring for today/tonight. Mum and I hopped aboard the boat once it was moored up and then I found Molly in my bed! That was fine by me. It meant I didn't have to lie down in it, I could choose where to snooze instead. I chose the back deck where I could keep a check on passers-by. Mum and Dad and Maffi did loads of the inevitable yacketyyacking and drinking hot brown water while Molly and I dozed away the exertions of the day. Eventually though Maffi had to go and Molly reluctantly got off my bed to follow him. I may just have had a bit of a squeak as they walked away! Mum said I sounded pathetic! Huff!

The rest of the day has been spent snoozing while Mum and Dad have been clicketyfingersing and talkyboning. Apparently I need to preserve my strength for tomorrow, which is going to be a big day for locks. Well.....if I need extra strength and energy then surely I should have extra food?......It would seem not! Harrumph!

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