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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Day 14 - Friday 17 July

3 miles, 4 locks, 0 swingbridges to Kintbury
Total so far 52.5 miles. 70 locks. 14 swingbridges

Today has been very strange. First of all, Dad was yacketying on his talkybone in the middle of the night, then, this morning, he left us! Mum says he has gone to Bournemouth because Grandpa is very poorly. So I am here to look after Mum.

Some friends, that we met yesterday, came and drove the boat while Mum and I did our walk. This was all very perturbing! I kept looking at the boat thinking 'But....but.....but.....that's not my Dad driving!' We made it OK though. The friends had cups of hot brown water and a chunk of yummyness, then left us to go back to their own boat.

A bit later, after Mum had been in the warm rain box, Lorraine from Guide Dogs came, along with her husband, Kevin. He brought me a new big sack of my food. I like him!

Now I have a chance for a bit of a snooze while Mum is busy clicketyfingersing and talkyboning loads! It seems, we are going out again soon to something called a Pub Quiz. I shall report back later on that.

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