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Friday, 31 July 2015

Big Fusses

We've had visitors! Yayyyy! I like having visitors! Especially ones that make big fusses of me! Mark and Catherine made BIG fusses of me. They can visit again! I also like it when Mum does extra choppy-slicey-peely stuff in the kitchen for guests. It means I get extra carrot trimmings and cucumber ends! Yummy!

This was all after several trips out today. The first was to take Dad to get some things for the big rumbler, then I took Mum and Debbi to the market. This was torture because we went to two yummy stalls and I didn't get anything. One had a huge pile of big juicy carrots, the other had loads of meat of all kinds. It all made my mouth drip. I did try to persuade Mum to let me carry the bag of meat for her but she told me to get my shnozzle away from it! Huff! I was only trying to help!

The next walk was a nice gentle stroll with just Debbi. She needed a break and some fresh air. I was delighted to help with that! She did make a very peculiar face though when I did what a dog has to do! She was clearly not impressed with bagging my offering!

We then rounded off the day with another stroll this evening, including a little bit of a freerun, to show our guests around the area. I was most miffed to discover that the magic door at Pets at Home didn't open! I couldn't go in! Humph!

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