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Monday, 16 April 2018


Well...I was wrong! I thought it was going to be a boring day. It started off seeming that way - dozy snoozy lazy - that would have been quite acceptable....but....it didn't continue that way! No complaints though.

We set off in Papa's car (this time I had to wear my car-bra and sit on the back seat with Mummy). We went to the big blue puddle place where I got to look after the nice workyhumans in the office while Mummy, Daddy and Papa went to watch minihuman Hallie having something called a swimming lesson. Another doggy supremacy thing - we don't need lessons to swim - we just get in and paddle!

Next was a bit of hoovering under minihumans in seats-on-sticks, then off to the car again. We went to Rosie's home where I could smell a hissing furball and hissing furball food, but couldn't actually find either. Huff! Daddy did some twiddly things with a shiny toything. When he had finished he presented Hallie with a tiny wheeliewizzer. She nearly ran me over with it! (see video). Very soon after this, we set off in Rosie's car, where I got to ride in the boot. Everyone else was squished into the seats.

This ride took us to a fabulous destination: We went to visit my PuppyMummy, Sue! Not only PuppyMummy but also Guide Dog Puppy Chrissie (who is as big as me now) and a new puppypal Poppy too (black fluffy Labradoodle with a lot of woof!) It was a fantabulous afternoon of ruff-and-tumble and chase and chew and zoomies and fusses and more zoomies........ Happy Happy Oakley!

Visiting a human yummyery with minihuman Hallie is much better than just with Mummy and Daddy. Minihuman Hallie showered me with little green balls and a few other morsels too! YummyScrummy!

Now, back at Papa's home, I have had my dinner, a wander around the garden and now, it seems the carpet is dragging me down and making my eyes rather bleary.......zzzzz

Video of Hallie on her tiny Wheeliewizzer, click here.
Below are a selection of images from my day!

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