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Sunday, 15 April 2018

Pawsome Walkieworkies!

We did it! We did it! We blimmin well smashed it!

It was a pawsome workywalkies! There were gazillions of very noisy humans all along the way - all shouting and cheering and whistling and whooping as we walked by! I got a big cheer for watering a tree on the way too! After the long route, we came to a long straight bit and something very strange but exciting happened: Even though we had walked super fast all the way, Mummy said 'Come on, let's go Oaks. Huppup' and we ran the last bit! We have never done that before! It was fantabulous! Mummy says that she had hoped we would complete the course in about two and a half hours, but we did it in 1hour 47 minutes. She seems super chuffed with that!

The rest of the day was spent in further bliss: a big white flappywalled place with loads and loads of Guide Dogs and Puppies to kanoodle with!

I now seem to be having a little difficulty in keeping my eyes open so I will leave you with all the photos Daddy took. These are all shots of Mummy and me strutting our stuff on this Brighton Marathon Tenkay thingy. The last one seems to be of a very sleepy me in Papa's car on the way home. I think there will be some of the puppy kanoodling time that Mummy will share later for me.

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