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Wednesday, 27 December 2017


Loves, fusses, admirations, yummies and pressies! That has been my day today! :)

It all started off with a lie in, followed by a doggy download in the white fluffy slushy stuff that appeared in the no-glow time. Then we set off workywalkies. Mum may have had to remind me once or twice to 'keep mind on job'. Oops! But that white stuff is so much fun! Oh well, there wasn't much of it anyway and it was all wet and slushy. We went around some quiet bits of town - just to go walkies. Then we went into a human yummyery. Nothing special about that to begin with. I settled down beside Mum as usual. Then, just as I was drifting off for a bit of a zzzzz, two humans arrived. A manhuman called Timothy and a ladyhuman called Lindsay. Two of my fans! It seems they live in a floatyboatyhome that is always here in this Bumingham place. They were great to meet! I got ooooooodles of loves and fusses and admirations and yummies (well....a few yummies!) and a huge black bone-shaped toy. I also got to clean out their ears! Yummy!

That was a really good human yummyery visit! It was worth the lying down and being good! I do like to meet my fans! I hope we can meet again - and especially hope that maybe we can go freerun together with the two doggypals who look after them in their floatyboatyhome........

Here's a couple of photos of us.

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