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Saturday, 16 December 2017

What a Quandary!

Slip-sliding underpaws and crunch-grinding underboat. The towpath is really slippy and the water was very lumpy-crunchy as we cruised. It was really noisy inside floatyboatyhome. It sounded like a huge beastie monster growling and trying to chew his way in. I was a bit squeaky-scared, but Mum seemed calm and unworried so I tried to follow her example. Mum was busy tippety-tappetying at the table while Dad was driving us along. I really was in a quandary - should I be inside with Mum or up on the back deck with Dad? I needed two of me! I had to keep zipping between my two dutiful places!

Mum has had a manhuman yacketying all day from the little round grids in the wall. Sometimes humanhowling has come out of them too. The manhuman said that there is only a few days left for getting things posted for Christmas. That means that you need to get your order in really quickly now for my calendars. Mum says we are now heading to some place called Birmingham, where I will have to take her to find a Post Office to send the last few orders.

So, if you haven't done so already, click on this link and get ordering so you can have me hanging on your wall all year and providing useful spaces for you to squiggle your important appointments.


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