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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Train to be Me!

This morning's 'meeting' was much nicer than most. It was on the towpath - and it moved along the towpath! That meant I got to walkies and sniffies all the way - and back again! The humans seemed to be yacketying all about the trees and hedges and other green things and sticks. I watered a few of their subjects. I hope that helped! I met a lovely pooch pal too. Her name was Bonny and she was a very bouncy Husky x Rottie. We sooooo wanted to play but weren't allowed. Bonny's humanmum said she would probably end up falling into the canal! Maybe she is not such an experienced waterdog as I am! We had to content ourselves with a big of lead-knitting and a few play bows and a little boxing.

We also met a couple of nice humans who are Guide Dogs workypeople. They were most complimentary about me! Well..thank you! The ladyhuman knows my doggygranny Charlotte, doggymummy Bailey and my sister Opal, as well as my Daddy Dixon. She said she was a workyperson at the Guide Dogs National Breeding Centre when my Daddy Dixon and Mummy Bailey did their doggydancing together. I have no idea what that means but it was nice to meet them!

After that, we set off for workywalkies into town again. Yet more visits to talkybone shops. One for Mum's talkybone; it seems she needs lessons in how to use it! The other one was for Dad's talkybone; he needed a new teenyweeny plastic rectangle to feed to it. We went into another couple of boring shops too. Nothing worth reporting, just lots of keeping Mum from bumping into everything!

The most important call was to 'Find the Post Office', where we dispatched another batch of my calendars. This is all good. More shinydisks into the funds for sponsoring another pup to be trained to be a 'me'.

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