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Monday, 4 December 2017

Beastie Rumbler!

I do rather like this mooring! It comes with a built-in freerun along the towpath, up and over a little bridge over the canal and into a park! And, the bonus is that the route is all so good that Mum can manage it (in good light) without me on harness!

That is how today started. It got better when we reached the park - I found a superb buddy to chase with, roll with and have a good old boxing match with! His name was Arnold and he was a big choccy Labrador. We had a fab time! Sadly it had to end though and I had to take Mum back to floatyboatyhome to fetch Dad. Then it was into workywalkies mode and into town.

The first bit was only across the road to a human yummyery/drinking room. That meant I was under the table on the hard cold floor. It seems it was for one of those blimming meeting things that humans seem to do. Why can't they just meet and converse like dogs do - I mean - like - properly.? .... a quick sniff of the important places and we get all the conversation we need!

There were some nice humans there, who gave me some nice fusses. One of them was Monty's Mum that we met yesterday. Monty wasn't there though :(

After all that, we headed off into the town shoppyplaces. It was great to be working guiding Mum on completely new territory. I got to 'get the button' at lots of crossings! Yummy work! It seems to make people's mouths go up at the corners when I hup to show Mum where the button is! That has to be a good thing!

The afternoon has been a snoozy time while Mum has been tippetytapping on her compooter thingy. Dad disappeared down the hole in the back deck for a while and seemed to be getting eaten by the big rumbly monster that lives down there. Dad came back with very black icky front paws! He seems to have survived his encounter with the beastie though. I took him out for a leisure walkies to recover!

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