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Friday, 22 December 2017

Pyro Twerp!

Today has been a very lazy zzzizzy day. Welcome after yesterday's lockfest and last night's disturbance

In the middle of the night, there was a whole lot of crackling and popping and banging going on outside. Mum came to my end of floatyboatyhome and squinted out. She then called out to Dad who also came to look out. Apparently, the manhuman from the floatyboat immediately in front of us had a big hotbox thing going outside, but it wasn't in a box! It was big and bright and scary. Apparently he kept throwing more and more stuff into it to make it bigger and brighter. Mum was all scared. She doesn't like burny-roary-crackles.

Dad said that some manhumans came called Firefighters but they didn't fight the fire. They just checked it was safe and left. The boatymanhuman kept on going with it all night. This morning, some more of those firefighters came and made it all go a huge big hissyhuff as they poured big bowls of canal water onto it. Apparently Mr boatymanhuman was nowhere to be seen. He was naughty to have left his bumfire unattended! The Firefighters were not happy! All the mess has now been cleared away and all seems safe and peaceful again

On a much more exciting note: Although today has been a really quiet lazy day, Mum tells me that she has signed us up, using her tippetytappetytoy, to do something called the Brighton 10K. She says this will be a long workywalkies - just her and me - along with thousands of other humans too, and it will be in April. I think I am liking the sound of this. Mum tells me it is our next adventure to raise shinydisks for Guide Dogs. It all sounds very exciting!

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