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Thursday, 28 December 2017

Noshing and Workywalkies!

Well that has been a very different day!

Dad went and left us first thing this morning, and Mum was busy packing things into a wheeliecase. When Dad returned, he took the wheeliecase and other bags and things away. I then took Mum for a workywalkies via a doggy download area. When we had completed that, we found Dad again and he had a car! It had everything packed inside it. By everything, I mean EVERYTHING! Loads of stuff! The wheeliecase, another big bag and all the cushions from our old sofa (my old bed). It was only a diddy little car so I had to ride high on the back seat and on top of the cushions. i rather liked that! I could lie comfy and watch the world whizz by! I had to wear my car-bra of course, which was connected to the seat strap, so I couldn't move too far, but it was super comfy up there with a really good view!

Our journey took us on some of those huge roads that are supposed to be whizzy. Some bits were whizzy, but many bits were stoppy-starty-slow. I may just have got a tad excited when I recognised where we were at the end; We were at Debbi and Ryan's home! Ooooh! That huuuuuuge garden! Yessssss!!

When we went inside, we found not only Debbi and Ryan, but Rosie and James and little microhuman Hallie too! It was great fun - loads of human yummies and, of course, some hoovering duty under Hallie's chair on sticks! She is soooo messy! Yummy!

After all the noshing, we went out walkies. We went into a big pen area with some strange huge toy things in. It seems that little Hallie really likes whizzing down a shiny slope thing. When she got to the bottom, I checked she was OK but she did it so many times, I stopped worrying and went off to investigate the place. I found a real treat - a bone, lying on the ground. Mum and Ryan were really mean to me though! They made me 'drop it' and I wasn't allowed it back again! Harrrrumph!

I had to take Mummy workywalkies to a little shop. It was getting dark by then, so I had to strut my stuff because a little bit dark to most humans is pitch black to Mummy! She couldn't see at all where to go. We did it! We went to the shop and found our way back again!

The cushions that used to be my bed on our floatyboatyhome were laid on the floor in the lounge. Hallie was having a great game to tumble on them. When she got occupied doing other things though (she was ripping colourful flappy stuff off of parcels) I reclaimed my old bed! It was a comfy snoozery for a while!

Now, after Rosie, James and Hallie have gone home and we spent a little more time with Debbi and Ryan, we have come to a human kennelblock. I have to admit that I am a tad pooped! Night night......
Cushion reclaim. This used to be MY bed!
Me lying with my front paws out n front of me, wearing my Santa bandana, on beige cushions in front of blue sofa.

Microhuman Hallie with a purple hat on. I thought it was a teddy but I wasn't allowed to play with it.
The hat is purple and fluffy with round 'ears' on it.

Study of handsomeness! A portrait of me looking to the left of the picture, wearing my red and white Santa bandana.

All the family!

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