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Friday, 15 December 2017

Worthwhile Yumminess!

Yayy! We've moved! We've worked locks - 10 of them! Team towpath crunched and slip-slidied into action!

We had a visitor first though; a manhuman called Richard who brought a parcel. It wasn't an exciting parcel though - just a new door for our hotbox. Richard was a nice manhuman though. He did good ear rubs and fusses! After he left, I took Daddy on a walkies to assess the canal. The verdict was good! Daddy said we could cruise. Yayy! So, after Mum had taunted me with the smell of bacon (not an atom of it fell my way. Huff!), we set off. Mum didn't harness me because she said it was still too icy and she couldn't be sure of being able to walk beside me on the path. So, progress was slow as she picked her way very carefully along the towpath. I was a very good boy even though I was on a long lead; I still looked after Mummy and showed her the best way to go to avoid the really nasty slippy bits. I found a few invisible slippy bits (Mum called them black ice patches) and I stopped and indicated them to her by nuzzling her knee and then sniffing the slippy bits. She was super pleased with me for doing that.

Working the locks was yummy work! Mum called it training / retraining / refresher work. I don't really care what it was called, I just enjoyed the yummy I got each time I did a 'find the beam', 'find the bollard', 'find the paddle'.... and did a good boy 'sit' at each one. 10 locks, 2 beams at each, 2 paddles to find at each and a bollard or two to find at each one ..... Yep! That was worthwhile yumminess added up!

After all the locks, we got to enjoy a bit of a cruise. It was a tad noisy as floatyboatyhome crunched through the frozen water. I sat on the back deck watching slices of canal drift past.

Three photos:
Handsome gleaming dud.

Cruising - watching the slices of water slide past.

Mummy's helper at the locks.

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