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Saturday, 2 December 2017

Standing by the Spending Room...

Another day of exhausting fuss and admiration!

It all started with a workywalkies to the train station. When the train arrived a nice manhuman did something called 'upgrade us' to the posh bit. That meant I got a bit extra room to lie down in front of Mum and Dad's paws. Mum and Dad got hot black water too! That nice manhuman gave me some super fusses and ear-rubs. I liked him!

When we got off the train I recognized where we were. Mum didn't need to give me any directions. I simply guided her flawlessly to the huuuuuuuuugenormous hall. Mum says the place is called the Birmingham Ennysee. I galloped along - really excited to strut my stuff helping Mum. Dad was tagging along behind us somewhere. It is quite a long walk through looooooong corridors, some with strange moving floor things. I avoided them and took Mum down the side of them. We were going faster than the people on the moving floor! At the end of all of those, I found the door we needed that led to the stairs. Mum was super impressed with me for that. I don't think she had remembered any of the way!

Last time we were here, it was full of shiny white homeboxes on wheels. This time it was torture!!!! It was full of yummies! Millions of yummies! Mouth-dripping yummies! All up on tables and things so out of bounds to me! Haaaarrrrrruuuuummmmpppphhhh! I did manage to snaffle a few hooverings though. Not as many as I could have done if Mum wasn't keeping such a tight upward lift on my head via lead and noseband! Hufff!

I managed to weave our way through gazillions of humans and found the Guide Dogs stand. That was a fantabulous end to my work for a while! It was time to meet and greet and kanoodle and play (in a restricted kind of way) with loads of colleague dogs. After the initial greetings though, we all to put on our 'professional' heads and do our stuff at being admired and fussed and loved. It seems that this produces shinydisks from all the visitors and that all helps to train more puppies to be life changers like me!

Mum did oooooooodles of yacketying with oooooodles of visitors. She was telling them all about how amazing I am. By mid afternoon, my head must have swelled up because I simply couldn't hold it up any longer so I simply curled up beside Mum, who was sitting on the floor. I think that little snooze allowed my head to shrink again so I could hold it up afterwards.

Now, after a not so good journey home (the train was sooo crowded that we had to stand beside the stinky human spending room), it seems that the glowing hotbox is making my eyelids very heavy now!

4 photos
Fusses from the nice manhuman on the train. He crouched down beside Mum so I could enjoy his attentions.

Meeting and greeting doggy style - a good sniff of the vitals tells us all we need to know.

Puppy playtime. Well....actually, the manhuman Puppywalker had a very interesting stuffed bone in his front paw!

Snoozing on the job. Mum and Alistair (a manhuman Guide Dogs volunteer pal), sitting on the green floor with me curled up snatching some zzzzs.

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