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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Nut Bum!

"Oh, Oaks! You do make me smile!"

That was Mum's reaction when I did my bestest to cheer her up this morning. Clearly it worked!

Mummy was a bit mouth-corners-down this morning. She didn't even bother to put her eyewindows on. This happens when they don't make any difference to her fuzzy sight. It makes her sad too. I don't like a sad Mummy! So I persuaded her that I needed to go out. Well....actually I REALLY DID need to go out; my botty was shouting at me! So, after a very necessary download (or several! - That was a good bone!) I took Mummy along the towpath, up and over the little bridge and into the park. I may have got a tad excited......I may have done a bit of a loony dance - twirling around in sillycircles and bouncing about while I was doing it! Mum called me a 'crazy nutbum' and it all made her mouth go up again! Much better!

Then I found a buddy to play with - a 15 month old boxer pup called Bruno. He and I got on with the serious business of playing together while my Mum and his Mum did a whole load of yacketying. Well....they were enjoying themselves so we did too!

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