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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Yorkies & Boots.

I took Mum on a nice longish walk this morning to explore a bit of Bournemouth we haven't been to before. I would have loved to have gone further and explored more, especially the bit Mum said is called a chine. I could have enjoyed a good freerun there with some other doggy pals I spied a way off. Alas though, I didn't! Boo! Mum said she had to get back to the kitchen. I have that place logged in my satnav now though. I shall have to find a way to direct Mum there again sometime.
Back at Granny's I found a corner to hide in and snooze while Mum clattered about in the kitchen and Dad took Granny out. When they returned I endured the agony of starvation while the human yummies were devoured. Again, not an atom of it came my way! I am wasting away while they feast! Huff!
This afternoon included a good long walk, via a little freerun in the cliff top park area. There I met a pair of Yorkies. We only sniffed and greeted, no play, because one of them had a very sore face, with a sort of zip-like stripe. His human said that the zip was a line of stitches from being attacked by a nasty dog. Poor boy! Still, it was nice to sniff and greet. At the end of the park, Mum harnessed me up again and we went off down the steep slope to the stick-outy-platform-over-the-sea, then I had to 'find left' on through the parky bit where the gigantic go-up-in-the-sky ball is. There were oodles of those funny little grey scampering, jerky fluffy-tailed critters who scurry up trees when I get near them. Looooooads of them! Mum said I was a mega good boy for not chasing them. I made sure she backed up the praise with edible reinforcements! Actually, I would have loved to chase them, and the couple who came really close did make me emit a bit of a squeak of excitement! But I resisted temptation and remembered my job. I'll get those live toys one day!
We couldn't follow our usual route into town because a bit of the park was in a cage, so I really had to step up and take Mum a different way. That meant that we arrived into town in a new area, so Mum had to ask someone for directions to Boots. (It seems that the arrangement was to meet Dad and Granny there). Even following those directions wasn't easy because we couldn't go the way Mum thought the man had told her. I sorted it out though! I guided Mum around all the obstacles. We arrived at Boots and I stopped at the door and gave Mum my most triumphant waggytailed look to point out how clever I was! She then got the message that we were actually at Boots! She hadn't realised! I got a superb ear-rub and mega fuss and praise for that - and treats! Heehee!
I have to be very patient when I'm walking with Granny with her wheelie frame. We had a bit of a wander around Boots, then went to a talkybone shop for Mum. We had to do a lot of sitting and waiting in there while Mum got to play with a couple of new talkybones. I got a few fusses from admirers while that was going on. Mum didn't come out with a new talkybone though. Something to do with costing too many shiny disks!
Back at Granny's I had a good game of tug with Mum before my eyelids needed internal inspection. Then my tummy needed internal refuelling.
A nice long walk with Dad has rounded off the day very pleasantly.

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