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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Denied my Dinner!!!!

More long walks guiding Mum around Bournemouth. More grey scampering, jerky fluffy-tailed tree-climbers. More shopping. More human yummies that failed to fall my way.
Then we left Granny's and had another long car journey. This really was a long one because the zoo my road was a creepy crawly road with loooooooads of cars all close together and going so slowly, I could have run faster most of the way. All this meant that I was dying of starvation! My dinner was over two hours late! I finally got to eat it in the entrance area of the giant puddle where Rosie works. I got some mega fusses there too!
We then left Rosie at work and drove to her flat, where Mum did choppy-stirry-steamy stuff in the kitchen. A bit later, Rosie and James arrived and human yummies tormented me yet again! I got my revenge with my new squeaky turkey leg! It has a really good loud squeaker! Heeheehee!

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