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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Told you I wasn't Porky!

Mixed feelings about today's work:
On the downside, Mum and I got absolutely soaked going to the human vets this morning. Mum got given some kind of flappy markysheet by the lady behind the counter. Then we walked on around to the other end of town where I had to 'find Boots' for Mum. In there, I then had to 'find the checkout' at the back of the shop. Except it wasn't exactly a checkout, but I knew what Mum meant. She handed over that markysheet and the man there swapped it for a little box. Apparently that box contains lots of the white disks that Mum swallows when her eyes are ouchy. So that was that job done. The next command was 'find the way home'. Well I did ..... OK, maybe it was a tad slowly and maybe I didn't respond overly well to Mum's 'Huppup' or 'Let's go' commands! Well, it was very soggy. I really don't like working in the leakysky stuff!
Then, when we got to the towpath near the boat, Mum added to the 'downside' stuff: When we got to the bit where I like to rinse my paws (and belly, and tail, and.... well .... all of me really!), I gave my very bestest 'Pleeeeeease Mum' look. It didn't work! She just said 'Nope. Not today. You're quite wet enough already!' Well, it wouldn't have made any difference then, would it? You see..... that kind of water is nice water....when I can go in paws first ..... of my own volition .... nice and cold and muddy and fishy. Not like the nasty water that falls from the leaky sky.
The upside was that it was a good long walk. Also, it was confirmed by a very nice lady that I am NOT porky! She said that I am delightfully BEEFY! I LIKE that lady!

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