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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Car Journeys

Cor! That was a day and a half! Three hours car ride, then lots of greetings and fusses, with a bit of workywalkies in the middle. Then the bestest bit: a Guide Dog puppy in training came! Yippppeeeeee! Junior is a mini-me! A black Labrador! The best! He is 10 months old and slightly taller than me. Oh! Wait.... That means he can't be a MINI-me! Hmmm! Oh well, we had some great fun anyway! We went to a nearby field where we both got that magic command of 'go play'! Well, we had to oblige didn't we? It was superbly wet and muddy in there and, between us, we succeeded in a very good job of decorating Mum's fur-substitutes! Heee-heee!
Back at the building, we had to 'behave' while loads of humans did oooooooodles of yacketying and human-howling and more yacketying. We did to have a few good kanoodling sessions though! Mum called me a right hussey just because I taught Junior how to roll on his back and display full glory! I taught him some hoovering techniques too!
This was all finished off with another huuuuuge long car journey ending at Rosie's home! This was all very exciting. I raced up the stairs and may have had a bit of a squeak at the door. I rushed in expecting to find my mate Pilot. But he isn't here! I found his toys and food box though! I can't get the lid off this food bin! Most miffing!

Me (left) and Junior

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