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Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Phhhooooooeeeeee! It's a bit niffy around here!
Mum says it is something to do with the big bone I was gnawing on yesterday. I really cannot begin to work out what she means. All I did was to thoroughly enjoy stripping all the yummy stuff off the outside, then I broke apart the big beastie lump and gnawed on the hard stuff. How on earth can that possibly have anything to do with the smelly air today?
I did have some great fun today: Mum and I were getting ready to go out. My harness was on and we were about to step off the boat. Then there was a toot-toot from another boat that was coming along beside us. I looked out the waterside of the bowdeck and what I saw made me all squeaky! What I heard made me even more squeaky! I spied my human pals Pete and Chrissie on the boat, and I heard my bestest doggy pals calling to me from inside that boat! Heeheeheehee! My tail went all blurred!
They used the boat's leads to tie it onto ours, Mum took my harness back off again and it was party-on-the-towpath time! Yaayyyhayyy! Shadow, Tizzy and I had a fantabulous reunion, running, chasing, twirling, twisting, jumping and chasing again! Shadow is getting a bit too senior for so much frivolity, but He watch Tizzy and me and joined in as much as he could.
Tizzy had very kindly left some of her breakfast so I had to go and make sure I didn't turn down her generosity. Whilst on board their boat, I also discovered a huge box of dog food. Sadly though I couldn't get into it. The lid was too firmly secured! I did try very hard but to no avail. I shall have to leave that for Shadow and Tizzy to work out.
After a great fun time while the humans did the inevitable vast amount of yacketyyacking, it was time to return to normality. They had to go on in their boat, and I had to switch back into work mode. So, it was on with the harness and off into town guiding Mum. We left Dad behind. First of all I had to 'find the post office', which of course I did! Then it was off to find the human vets. This I also did without fault! Well, it was only a few weeks ago that we went there! Mum did some yacketying with a lady behind the counter, then we set off back into town to 'find Boots'. I remembered exactly where that was too! After a bit of boring waiting while Mum squinted at the shelves to find what she wanted, she asked me to 'find the checkout'. I headed straight towards the door. Well, that is usually where I find the checkout! Not in this shop though! Sorry Mum! I shall remember next time that it doesn't even look like a checkout. It is a zigzag course through some shelves laden with highly sniffables! I nearly got away with trying a sample! Only nearly though! Huff!
Once back home, it was time for a well earned snooze while Mum and Dad did some clicketyfingersing. Then a man came who disappeared into the big hole in the back deck. That's a scary big hole. A huge rumbly monster lives in there and this man not only stood in there with the monster, he also put his paws in there! I watched from a safe distance! Then meany Mum realised I was out on the towpath and hoiked me back inside the boat! I sulked on my bed for a bit! Harrumph! The monster-tamer man did a lot of yacketying with Dad then left. Dad said something about that was the annual check up. So perhaps the man was a rumble-monster-vet?
This afternoon, I had to pose for Dad's one-eyed-clickybox. First of all beside the boat, then in a big pile of crunchy leaves. This was to do with something called a newspaper, and for my calendar.
Work is underway on my calendar. Watch this space for news in the next couple of days. This is going to be to raise more shiny disks for Guide Dogs

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