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Monday, 16 November 2015


All change again! 

Now we are at Granny's. So, of course it has been a day of car journeys, human yummies place, and shopping. The car journey was OK. I have taught Mum now that I need edible proof that I am a good boy for jumping in and settling down on my bed! Finally she got the message! The human yummies was no good; not a morsel came my way! I maintained vigil under the table but to no avail. Not a crumb! Huff! I showed how smart I am when it came to the shopping! Dad did the slow bit with Granny, while I guided Mum off all around the huge Tesco's. She needed to get some bits of her own. I guided her to the various different aisles, then she asked me to 'find Granny'. Well, of course I found Granny! No problem! And again twice more, after further trips off around the shop to get other bits. 

I did think all my birthdays had come at once when Mum dropped a whole load of huge carrots on the floor right in front of my nose! In fact, one of the biggest ones donked me on the noddle as it fell out of the bag! My tongue went into overdrive, licking my chops in anticipation of such a delectable feast! But Mum was a serious spoilsport! 'Leave' was the command. I gave her my bestest 'But Muuuuuuummm!' Look, accompanied by the most pathetic squeak I could muster......it didn't work! All I got was a load of praise and a tiny treat for being a 'good boy to leave'. It did little to make up for the disappointment but I accepted it and did my 'find a Granny' duty yet again!

I did take Dad for a lovely long walk this evening while Mum was doing choppy-stirry stuff in Granny's kitchen.

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