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Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Oh my goodness! Now what's going on?

We've cruised all day in the soggy yucky leaky sky stuff. We've moored up in a big giant puddle with lots of other boats in. A man called Nathan came aboard to do some yacketying with Mum n Dad. He left and now the inside of the boat is all rearranged! Loads of stuff has been taken out of the cupboard behind the squawkybox, and around that area. Mum packed it into bags and put them, and other stuff under the table. Then she packed some fursubstitutes and other things into the big black bag that usually means we are going away.......Next, the table was put down as it goes to make a bed when guests come to stay. But it isn't a bed. It now has the sofa piled up on top of it! That means I will have to sleep in my own bed tonight! Huh! Well..... We'll see...... I don't think Mum has noticed yet that I am using her back paw as a pillow, on the bottom of her bit of the bed....... Maybe if I keep still and quiet........

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